These are non series paintings with various inspirations.


This was created with a splatter technique. I have always been intrigued by the legend of Atlas which I feel has to be looked at beyond the surface details.
The dynamics of the myth is more important to me.
16″x20″ oil on panel


“Buddha Gaia”

Wax mediums were employed to bring a matt yet dream-like quality into play.
The meditating Earth born of its own entanglements.
18″x24″ oil on panel


“Dream of Trials”

Beginning as a large study, this work went towards a strange direction. This painting began my experiments with random color choices.
24″x24″ oil on linen



Never waking, always in a dream of its own making. How do you wake from a self created reality, or do we even wish to?
14″x18″ oil on linen

“Fossil Sky”

Haunted reality, a sky set in stone as if discovered at a dig site. This painting was created upon a heavily textured gesso to bring a stone formation effect.
10″x22″ oil on linen


“Guardian Angel”

The ever watchful gaze of the inner spirit, the chains to the depths of the unknown break before him.
28″x30″ oil on canvas


“Inner World”

We all have a little space inside of us that we go to for some peace in life.
18″x24″ oil on canvas


“Mind Cavern”

Thoughts unbidden rest in a waiting space, ready to transform into idea.
20″x30″ oil on linen


“Narcissistic Embrace”

Love of self gone too far, burning and yet unaware of the dissolution taking place.
26″x26″ oil on canvas



Strange attractors, the flow and tides of manifestation become fluid.
20″x30″ oil on linen



Hide and seek in the astral body.
24″x36″ oil on canvas


“Receptive Signal”

A meeting, a call, lure and attraction, light and smoke.
20″x24″ oil on linen


“Redemption of the Flame”

Fire reaches for spirit, the soul of epiphany.
18″x20″ oil on canvas


“Rites of Spring”

The Green Man disgorges His bounty for all life to share and exchange.
18″x24″ oil on canvas


“Sea King”

Painted completely in a public setting, it started as a green egg on a blue field of wavy lines. Now the lord of the sea gazes from stormy waters.
20″x30″ oil on linen



I love beginnings to mystery, entrances to the unknown, the step you cannot take back.
11″x14″ oil on panel


“The Gift”

Between creator and creation there is reciprocity.
12″x24″ oil on linen


The Gordian knot is ever in motion.
14″x24″ oil on linen