For many years I have considered this to be a much-overlooked medium which if done properly can create an amazing array of textures, colors and effects. I primarily use Caran’Dache color pencils with Sennelier’s La Carte Pastel paper. This combination in particular has been very inspirational and quite honestly, a lot of fun.

“Burning Green Man”

8″x10″ color pencil on pastel board
I started this piece in Nuremberg Germany while wondering what the viewpoint of the local trees might be of human activity in a place with so much history.

“Don’t Leave the Door Open”

10″x12″ color pencil on pastel board
Not unless you want random visitations…


“Third Eye Inward”

6″x10″ color pencil on pastel board
This was done in trance, I enjoy the creative freedom of trance work while drawing, it is a discovery for me as much as for the viewer.