The resume is an oddity in the art world, it applies more to the realm of business and the assurance of quality performance in the workforce. How this applies to fine arts is truly open to question in my opinion. Is it more than a recipe list for where the artist has shown their works? How many critical reviews they have endured? Does this truly have any say on the quality of an artist’s vision and ability? In truth it has more to do with how well accepted an artist is to others in the business of promoting artwork.
Not all artists are heavily invested in this process, myself included. After having explored the world of galleries, prints, shows and promotional events I decided to leave the self-promoting world of the typical gallery and work to bring my artistry to others on my own.

That being said, here is a sampling of my art world experiences:

Agora Gallery
Visual Inspirations
D&R Framing Gallery
The Hubb Cafe
MCAC Galleries
Hoyt Institute of Art

Experiences Where Work Was Displayed:
Strange Daze Festival
Art in the Park
various regional shows

New Art International
Quarkspace Hidden Moon CD
Don Falcone: Of Cosmic Repercussions CD
Don Falcone: Spaceship Eyes
FALO Newsletter





Appeared on Kentucky Life via PBS