All of these works are created in a trance state, no planning, no studies or models, they are the immediate dream of the moment. They represent a letting go of conscious thought and allowing the hand to guide the entire process.

“Astral Turbulence”

The waters of the spirit flow in many ways including tides and storms, it is best to be the eye of the storm.
18″x26″ oil on linen


“Better the Devil You Know”

Can you hear the tune your desires and fears play for you? Do you dance to their tune?
18″x20″ oil on linen


“Diving Deep”

How far can you go before you lose yourself in your own depths?
22″x44″ oil on linen


“Metamorphosis Soul”

Generation upon generation, the ancestors gather themselves deeper and deeper.
22″x30″ oil on linen


“Passing Through Inner Realms”

Reality is what we make of our perception of it. None of it is permanent yet the impact of what we experience can change us dramatically.
16″x30″ oil on canvas



What price does sacrifice carry? To whom do you do so and for what purpose? Unanswered these questions carry a heavy burden.
16″x28″ oil on linen



A meeting at night, a third eye caress, the breath of mystery surrounds us.
20″x20″ oil on linen