These are works available in limited edition prints, each one is numbered and signed by the artist. While the original oil paintings have been sold the prints are available for as long as I have any in stock.
Each image had an original count of 750, no more will be made.
These prints sell for $150.00 each.


I prefer bold colors to convey emotions and the use of negative space is highly important to my work, twisted symmetries that bring active harmonies to the color dynamics. This early work of mine was an approach to this sort of arrangement which had lasting importance to my future works.



A love of science informs my work as a general rule, this painting became the first in a series dedicated to space imagery which in my opinion has been too long associated with science fiction. We live in space, on a ball of stone and this needs serious treatment on a spiritual and emotional level as a response to the facts of our existence.


“Tears of the Goddess”

Not all tears are born of sadness, they are the physical manifestation of emotional responses. They evaporate from us into the world.