All of the inks are India ink on clay surfaced panels. The surface of these panels makes for a porcelain-like surface that is a joy to work with, especially for inks. They are more stable than works on paper and the surface allows for both very fine detail and corrections which are not possible on paper. All of my inkworks are nudes at this time, I am grateful to my models for their patience and love for my work.

“Green Woman Rapture”

She rises in the ecstasy of creation.



The Earth at her feet, she rests serenely in eternal peace.
11″x14″ ink on panel



Capturing a moment of meditation by candlelight.
8″x10″ ink on panel


“Morning Breakfast”

Went out to the log pile for firewood one morning and what do you find!
14″x18″ ink on panel


“Twilight Child”

My earliest work in ink on panel, just to see what it can do.
5″x7″ ink on panel