The materials used to create these works are of the highest quality available on the market. Most mediums are hand-crafted and only the most lightfast pigments are used. The grand majority of the base materials are traditional and would not be out of place a hundred years ago, this is to ensure that all materials are properly time tested by real conditions. With minimal proper care, these works will last for generations. Please do not expose any works of art to direct sunlight for any extended period of time. For dusting, a barely damp cotton cloth may be used.

Most artworks are flammable, please use caution bringing open flames too closely to works of art. If damage occurs you may contact Gulotta Studios for help, this will incur a service charge which may vary depending upon the severity of any damage to be
repaired, or contact a professional conservator.

All models are non-professional volunteers and their names or contact information are unavailable to protect their privacy.