Sometimes people are interested in my studies as well as my paintings.
There is a raw quality to studies that is compelling, seeing the hand of the artist trying out ideas or just keeping in practice. There is a freedom to studies that is very enjoyable. For those who are interested is capturing a piece of the process, these studies are for sale for $200.00 each.

“Dreams in a Bottle”

This study was involved in creating a series of interactive flows that now appear frequently in my work.


“Flower Pattern”

This was a demonstration to a student on the use of minimal paint to create background images.


“Ladybugs Triumphant”

I enjoy ladybugs, they walk about like little red hooded monks.


“Still Life exercise”

Teaching still life and making it interesting can be a lovely challenge.


“Study of Flow”

Creating abstract designs which have the appearance of solid form takes practice.