These were created with the idea of repurposing the human form for sacred functions thus enforcing the idea that human beauty transcends sexuality. Each form was given a type of stone as a guide for figurative representation. My deepest thanks to all of the models who posed for this series.


A resting place of lapis lazuli for one who needs solitude. Glowing lanterns form a path of inner illumination, what awaits in the hermit’s cave?
18″x24″ oil on linen


Ladybugs meditate on a tiger’s eye torso deep in the forest.
12″x20″ oil on linen



An altar and offering fire set upon a form of gneiss.
18″x26″ oil on linen


“Shaman’s Gift”

Desert sandstone hides many gifts for those who can see them.
18″x24″ oil on linen


“The Altar”

This secret chamber of limestone holds the mysteries of life’s nurturing spirit.
8″x16″ oil on linen