The focus of my work is to bring stimulation to the viewer’s own inner symbolic language. The color is the guide, a pathway of emotional choices in order to bring context for the work. Utilizing a mix of abstract methods with form based imagery created with a classical-style methodology, it is my goal that my own symbols stimulate the viewer’s imagination for the release of personal symbols found throughout the non-form based elements. The work must not contain too many cultural imperatives or symbols so that the work may function despite most forms of cultural evolution. Thus the forms remain basic, allowing for a meaningful exchange between artist and viewer to commence. No matter what you see or feel from the work, you are quite correct for that would also be a reflection of your own inner symbolism as it plays with what you see within the work that was intentionally placed there. I like to think that my work is a playground for the mind and interactive communication, and all of you are invited to play.