My digital works are created with the programs Ultrafractal and Mandelbulber.
This came about due to my interest in Complexity sciences and fractals. I liked the science so much that I decided to learn how to make my own.


“Chaos Stone”

Created with Mandelbulber, working for stone-like textures.



A multi layered work created with Ultrafractal.



Once used as an entrance poster for some of my exhibits.


“Fossil Dreams”

Composition is very important for fractal works.


“Gate Mechanics”

It always fascinates me how mathematics can create what looks like constructs.


“Lava Cloud”

Color is the real key to this work.



Fractals can be wonderful meditation tools.


“Port of Creation”

Multiple layers gives a chance to make images of serious depth.


“Portal to Eternity”

Generating a doorway to the unknown.



The Mandelbrot set is the beating heart of fractals.


“Red Gateway”

The sense of motion comes into play with dynamic composition.


“Stone Fog”

As if arising from a mist.


“Vertebrae of Light”

Biology caught in amber.